May 31, 2012
Fun Fact of the Day

GI Joe was given Kung-Fu grip in the 70s so that he no longer had to carry a weapon. It was believed that by doing this, we were less likely to be reminded of Vietnam.

May 21, 2012

I dreamt last night that Capri Sun got a new ad slogan: “CAPRI SUN: It’s Better Than Nothing.”

April 27, 2012


April 24, 2012
WE HAVE A WINNER- worst kid name ever

Get ready for this. Her name is…




April 24, 2012
I got a case from a guy requesting disability due to Alzheimer’s

but it’s ok, because the great thing about Alzheimers is that you’re always meeting new people.

April 24, 2012
I know how I’ll boycott Facebook…

by posting everything from Tumblr instead. Haw haw haw!

April 3, 2012

I can’t believe what’s happening to childhood out there! Yesterday I’m on the Metro and this little girl starts yelling at passengers. Her mother, dressed in only the finest Park Slope meets Hippie fashion (I’m an overachiever, overprotective, and devoid of any real character, so I’m gonna just borrow some character from Lululululemon) just watched the kid with a look of pride. “Are you a bear!? Are you pretending you’re a bear!? Or how about a lion!?” No lady, she’s a bored 6 year old that looks and sounds stupid. Tell her to shut up. Not everything a kid does is an exercise in creativity at the Chai Beansprout Organic Kids Exploratorium and Preschool.

March 29, 2012
Too Short Book Reviews presents the review for Star Trek: The Rings Of Time

Well, there were a lot of fun, memorable elements from the original series thrown in there. It takes place across two timelines, which allows for fun time traveling and Spock attempting a highly sophisticated mind meld and transfer that almost kills him. The storyline from present day has a weak antagonist thrown in at the last second that is a bad copy of Earth Liberation Front. It’s a quick read, and it has fun moments where Kirk switches bodies with the son of John Christopher from TOS, but there are better ST books. Book reads quickly. 3 of 5 stars.

March 2, 2012
Living in the City (Or Not)

If you’re gonna live in DC, or NYC, or LA, live in the middle of it all. Even of you’re an introvert like me, you still feel like you’ve got life blood running around and through you. In rural areas, that life blood is nature. Suburbs? Hell if I know. All the cars and identical streets will suck more blood out.

March 1, 2012
This is the new computer, pretty good desktop replacement

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